5 Reasons to choose Electronic Cigarettes over Conventional Tobacco Cigarettes

There is an ongoing tug-of-war between electronic cigarettes and conventional tobacco cigarettes. Our society is divided into two groups over nothing as tobacco is never regarded as a good option. Still, we are ready to present our argument in favour of electronic cigarettes and why it supersedes our choice over conventional tobacco. Here we present five points favouring electronic cigarettes.

1. Health issues – Studies show that tobacco is one of the many causes for lung cancer. It not only injurious for the smoker but has harmful effect on those who are surrounding him or her while the person is smoking. Due to controversy related with health issues, it is banned at many public places as it has an adverse effect on pacific smokers as well, who unknowingly inhale the harmful gases released by a tobacco smoker.

2. Decent way to quit smoking – Many rehabilitation centres suggest that if someone is adamant over quitting smoking, then it is best to switch over electronic cigarettes. It gives the same kind of satisfaction to the smoker but there is no direct inhalation of tobacco smoke, as it is a smokeless cigarettes. It is the best way to gradually wean off the habit and quit smoking forever. There are absolutely no withdrawal symptoms when one switches over to e-cigarettes with an idea to quit smoking.

3. Electronic cigarettes are socially acceptable – Due to harmful effects of the smoke released by conventional tobacco cigarettes, it is no more regarded as a manly gesture. However, smokeless electronic cigarettes are acceptable by all as these do not affect others.

4. Available in different flavours – The best part of electronic cigarettes are its Tobacco Flavoured E-Liquid. These e-juices are available in different flavours; you can pick the flavour which really satisfies your taste bud. This is the biggest advantage of e-cigs and most of the retailers of e-cigs stores are trying to win over the customers by highlighting the e-juices. You can easily get strawberry flavoured juice to smoothie flavoured juices to creating flavours of your own. All these are instrumental in reducing the dependence on nicotine which is the most harmful ingredient of tobacco cigarettes.

5. More cost effective – If you look at the cost benefit ratio, then it is certainly cheaper than conventional cigarettes. An e-cig can offer more puffs than a tobacco cigarette and simply by charging the cell of the cigarette, you can start smoking. It is portable and can be carried anywhere, and you can charge even with your laptop.

These are definitely a few pointers which puts more emphasis on the use of electronic cigarette than tobacco smoking. A very important point is the availability, you can easily purchase an e-cig online with an advantage of choosing Electronic Cigarette E-Liquid of your wish. With defined benefits attached to e-cig, it is scoring better in the market and there is a hope that it will win the market of tobacco smoking. Finally there is one sentence which defines its advantages, this is the easiest way to quit smoking and lead a healthy life.



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